We have two extremely spacious music rehearsal rooms, both kitted out with a variety gear.

Rehearsal Room 1 


Mapex Birch Drum Kit, Hartke HA2500, Marshall AVT50, Fender Princeton, Marshall 1150, Laney RBW100, Peavey EuroSystem, Laney Monitor Wedge

Rehearsal Room 2 


Sonix Drum Kit, Peavey MegaBass, Carlsbro Stingray, Marshall AVT50, Marshall Chorus Combo, Peavey TKO75, Wharfdale Delta, Laney Monitor Wedge, Hammond Organ

Other Amplifiers Available For Recording

Sound City Concord Valve Combo

Fender Deluxe Hot Rod

Vox AC15

Each Rehearsal Room provides a Roland CD-2 free to use for bands to record rough demos and track their progress. Overhead  condenser and PZM microphones record the audio directly onto CD via the Roland  recording console.


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