PAT Testing

At Oneeyedog we offer PAT testing services.

As a professional and semi-professional musician you are bound by the Health & Safety laws to ensure any electrical equipment you use in your act, is not only safe to use, but is also safe for others who may also be within the vicinity of that electrical equipment at the venue or inside the room you will be performing in. Not only this but any insurance policy you hold for your musical equipment will require that you have it PAT Tested, which we offer, every 12 months or the insurance policy will be void and you may be breaking the law.


Any amplifiers (guitar, bass, keyboard, power amps, etc) Keyboards Power supplies and mains adaptors (including mains supply for effects pedal boards) Lighting systems and controllers IEC mains (kettle) leads, Extension leads and multi-way sockets, Smoke machines, Laptop, power supplies, Mixing desks, Powered speakers and monitors, Rack-mounted effects units and any other items powered by mains electricity must be PAT tested to be compliant.

In fact any item with a mains voltage plug attached requires testing. Annual testing helps to minimise the risk of electric shock as well as fire hazard. So in order to protect your equipment, your audience and you, and be within the law it is essential to establish a PAT testing program.

We can provide this service for you… please call to discuss

01698 276444

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